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Little Angels Signing

❤️ 5* rated baby Makaton classes based in Maidenhead, suitable for all babies up to walking. Do you ever find yourself at wit's end trying to work out what your baby wants? Find yourself wishing that they could just tell you?

💛 With our classes, they can! Baby signing is all about helping your baby to learn to communicate with you, long before they're able to speak. 

💚 Research has shown that signing massively reduces frustration, tantrums and other problem behaviour in little ones, as well as helping them learn to speak sooner and with a much wider vocabulary than babies who do not learn to sign. 

💙 In addition, signing also helps little ones do develop those important fine motor skills, is great for bonding with parents and other members of the family, and can even give your child a head start at school.

💜We are the ONLY baby signing classes in the area teaching Makaton, as used by most schools and nurseries around the country. Our multi-sensory classes are taught using music, games and toys to make signing fun and engaging for little ones. Check out our Facebook page to see photos and more, or click the link below to book now... We look forward to seeing you there!

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